Data analysis products project

Pioneering API advancements in 2018 

Business Goals

Enhance decision-making capability by correlating big data sets.

Reduce time costs by introducing self service capabilities

Single pane of glass: Improve communication and reporting.

Manage and oversee efforts through a single, transparent platform.

User Needs

Leverage data correlation between service management, infrastructure monitoring, and web application monitoring to analyze availability, performance, and impact – for individual services, organizational units, applications, and more.

Enhance system change observability,

Optimization of CSI Task management. 

Reporting and trend analysis capability.

Project Impact

Support Owns Tuning: Expertise drives efficiency; Ability to move administration effort from Monitoring Teams to Support Teams to optimize the tuning process. 

Data Silos Broken: Transparency drives service improvement; Service Impact observability and service management maturity level visibility allows decision optimization. 

Observed Outcomes: Quantified Service Improvement drives successful projects.

Project Scope

Connect datasets from Infrastructure and Web Application monitoring systems to SNOW CMDB data - enabling organizational and service management context - using OOB connectors and custom APIs. 

Utilize existing PowerBI platform to automate provisioning of corelated data as 24/7 self service for Support, Monitoring and Service Management Teams in Deloitte North and South Europe cluster - 22 countries

Customer Scope

Web Application and Infrastructure (Cloud and Datacenter) Support Teams and Monitoring Teams from 22 Deloitte Member Firms. Services provided by those Teams impacted 143K of internal Deloitte users. 

Leadership on every organizational level gained an unique capability to utilize automatically obtained and corelated data about supported services and service management maturity level. 

Project Cost

Leveraging existing systems and connectors improves data security, streamlines project costs, and minimizes ongoing product maintenance. 


Product delivery, encompassing ideation, planning, development, UAT, and launch, involved stakeholders from Deloitte Global, Deloitte Member Firms, and external suppliers Microsoft and Silect.  

Product Management 

I had a unique opportunity to orchestrate a collaborative effort among Monitoring Teams SMEs, Support Teams, SM leadership, Developers, and Power BI SMEs, who all played a vital role in delivering the product I designed. 

Product 'afterlife'

Leveraging the success at Deloitte, our external partner launched the product to a global audience.

Click on the logo above to visit their website and use link below to navigate directly to the product offering.