La Hacienda Academy Tournament

La Hacienda Academy golf tournament

Internal golf mini tournament for members of La Hacienda Links Resort Golf Academy. 

Summer Golf, Fun & Music at San Roque Club

Fun Golf contest, excellent music and food - all in a great company and beautiful lands of San Roque Club.   

Full album on San Roque Club Fb


Summer fair Art Space gibraltar

Exhibition featuring the works of a variety of artists and styles from across the entire Campo de Gibraltar.  

Video at @GebelPhoto 

Exhibition at


Friends Of Friends party - at Foodisiac in Sotogrande Puerto

FOF is a community of women, created by friends of friends from the Sotogrande area, with the purpose of giving us visibility, supporting us in our projects and strengthening ties of friendship.


Sublim Beach Club Estepona

Marketing photoshoot in a truly exceptional and stylish, recently opened Sublim Beach Club in Estepona.


Artists Who Lunch

Artists Who Lunch is a thriving online hub where artists of all levels come together to forge friendships, exchange knowledge, and celebrate their passion for visual arts. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic amateur, this is your space to connect with like-minded individuals who share your creative spirit.


Polish artists exhibition

Experience the mesmerizing creations of four talented Polish artists as we unveil 25 captivating new paintings of them. Delve into a world where abstract art intertwines with the vibrant energy of pop art style. These amazing artworks will impress everyone as they're shown for the first time, offering a fresh perspective. 

Organized and hosted by Grande Art Estate in collaboration with Diamondscraft.